About Aimee


AimeeWhere did I grow up? I Aimee grew up in Tucson, AZ raised with her sister, by a single father. I was well aware growing up I was a “thicker” kid. My family told me I was just “big boned.” I always wondered if “big boned” was true or if my family was just trying to make me feel better. After high school I attended the University of AZ and received a BA in Sociology. After college I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and worked a few years before I became a full time mom raising my three boys. During that process of having kids I unconsciously lost all of my extra weight simply by eating her regular foods and breast-feeding. After I stopped breast-feeding I noticed the pounds were starting to creep back on. I joined a fitness club and hired a personal trainer for nearly four years to help me keep on track. During that time I, counted calories , weighed foods, and exercise became apparent on how one influences the other. I became so well informed about exercise the questions I would ask were out of reach for my trainers to explain. So, I decided to get certified so I could train myself. For the next 10 years I taught people how to design work out routines for their lifestyle.

How did she get involved with nutrition?  All my boys were born with eczema (skin rashes), one of them having it more severe than the other two. I intuitively knew I wasn’t going to ever give him steroid medications out of fear of stunting their growth (even though doctors always denied this was the impact). We went from doctor to doctor trying to get some type of medication that would help. Nothing seemed to work! My son now in kindergarten, didn’t sleep much and would spend hours crying at night in pain. I was desperate and willing to try anything. I took my son to see a naturopathic doctor. She ran some tests and discovered he had several foods allergies and a parasite in his gut (giardia). I was so upset my other doctors miss this? We cleaned up his diet and within a couple of months there was significant improvement to his sleep and skin. This started my passion for understand how foods are our medications.
How food improved my diagnosis? Late in 2012, I noticed some chronic lower back pain getting worse, which I had been writing off because everyone has back pain. After seeking treatment from a chiropractor for six months he told me to go have an ex-ray. In 2013 I was diagnosed with grade 3 spondylolisthesis. A condition where the spine is no longer in alignment and I have no disc between L5 & S1. Barely walking and taking five different medications for pain and inflammation, I opted to try physical therapy in lieu of major surgery. During my months of therapy, things improved slightly but I had growing concerns about all the medications I was taking and the havoc it might be doing on my liver (not to mention now rashes [eczema] popping up all other my body). My physical therapist recommended that I wean myself off of all meds for at least three months, even if it meant lying in bed for 3 months. I consulted with a good friend that has a lot of nutrition in her background. My friend asked me if I was eating anti-inflammatory. I responded, “no!” Immediately I researched anti-inflammatory diet and started to work on a new way to control inflammation via the foods I was eating. To my surprise, eating anti-inflammatory and taking no more prescription medication for pain, I was in less pain now than before and my eczema cleared up.

Over the last 7 years, I has taken over 15 nutrition classes, read over 30 books on health/nutrition, and received two certifications on health and wellness coaching. A good friend knew about my passion for nutrition and asked me to become an independent health and wellness consultant for his practice in 2015.  I launched my private practice in 2016. Welcome to your Health!